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VOTE FOR MAX ON JUNE 11, 12, 13, 2012



Here are some of my thoughts on why I would like to be Mayor of Idyllwild:


Meet ALL the Citizens of Idyllwild and Keep Idyllwild Beautiful CampaignI plan to walk 100% of the streets of Idyllwild and to meet as many people as possible. My goal would be to meet 100% of the people in Idyllwild and its surrounding areas! I want to know what is needed and wanted from each person, and my campaign managers will take account of my findings to convey to future Mayors what’s most important to the citizens of Idyllwild so that new programs and ideas can spring forward from this into action. Along my daily walk, I will sniff out any litter or trash that may be around (if any) and my campaign managers will pick up the litter. This includes dog litter, if you know what I mean!


The Year of Good Deeds and Positive ThoughtI will declare this The Year of Good Deeds and Positive Thought, and I will convey unconditional love and do as many good deeds for others as possible, and maintain positive thought at all times. I know that thought precedes action and results, so I plan to be positive in all my endeavors! First and foremost in this area, and something that I can do, when I meet you, I will always let you know that I love you. When you pet me, I will reach out my paw to you to let you know that I want you to keep petting me. This is because I love you, and I want the connection with you never to be broken. No matter who you are, know that I do love you, and I will always love you no matter what. You are perfect in my eyes, and I am exhilarated to see you, always. If I have not met you, I want to meet you, and I will make myself available to meet you by being in town regularly, and also taking walks on all of the streets of Idyllwild looking for you. Please come and meet me. I will hold in my mind a transfer of positive energy and thought to you that is healing and that your life will always be full of happiness, joy, success and affluence. My wish is that this year will be the best year of your life and that every year afterwards continues to be better and better. That is my total intention for you.


Deputy MayorsWith ARF’s permission: (1) I will declare all Mayoral Candidates as Deputy Mayors that have the equal status and recognition as the Mayor, (2) All Deputy Mayors will be with the Mayor in the 4th of July parade as well, and (3) Deputy Mayors can also implement their programs and ideas for Idyllwild.


Love always,



(aka Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller)






To vote for me:

  • Come to the Idyllwild Post Office on June 11, 12, or 13, 2012, and place $1 per vote in my ballot box (which is a donation to Animal Rescue Friends, ARF).

  • Or, if you are not local or will be out of town, mail your donation to: ARF, P.O. Box 719, Idyllwild, California 92549. For donations made to ARF by mail, write "Max for Mayor" on the envelope and/or check. Please make sure your vote is received by the 13th.

Thank you!





Two of Max's Campaign Letters --






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