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Max's Friends

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Cowboy of Idyllwild




Front: Mushka, Laika, Niko, and Cosmo

Back: Jake and Belle

of Temecula and Murrieta, California




Squirrely of Belarus




Lulu of Anza, California




Ruthie of Anza, California




Scout of Idyllwild




Grizzly of San Diego, California




Bridgette "Polka Dot Butt" of Idyllwild




Macy of Los Angeles, California




Brick of Idyllwild




Rocky of Pine Cove, California




Ian and Gillis of San Juan Capistrano, California




Jazzy of Idyllwild




Oakley of Idyllwild




Violet of Palm Springs, California




Frisco of Studio City, California




Tank of Aguanga, California




Halley and Jazz of Rancho Santa Margarita, California




JJ of Idyllwild




Rockee of Idyllwild

(Casey Abram's dog --

Casey Abrams, of American Idol fame,

is an Idyllwild native.)




Tino of Hemet, California




Maggie of Idyllwild




Devin and Daisy of Idyllwild




Ms. Beau of Aliso Viejo and Pine Cove, California




Raven of Pine Cove, California




Link of Pine Cove, California




Jazmine of Pine Cove, California




Jax of Pine Cove, California






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2022 Office of the Mayor of Idyllwild, California